Large Foil Pitted Glass Bauble in Turquoise

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Large Foil Pitted Glass Bauble in Turquoise

This beautiful and large foil pitted glass bauble is icy-hued for the perfect touch of classic frosty shimmer. Hang from the tree or gather several together in a bowl for a lovely cool Yule colour mix or for an all year round display.

Supplier Info: This supplier employs up to four hundred skilled craftsmen in India. Some work from home and some in the factory, but every item that they produce is hand-crafted. They use materials such as brass, iron, wood, glass, mosaic tesserae, cloth and glass beads to create their gorgeous products. In addition to statutory wages all employees receive Provident Fund pensions, bonuses and holidays and the company is the trustee of the Ahsan Hospital which specialises in treating people with eye illnesses.

Why we love this product!

  • Handmade
  • Fair Trade
  • Foil pitted glass 
  • Cool Yule
  • Icy colours

Dimensions: Diameter 12cm

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