Frida Kahlo Green Umbrella Cushion Cover & Pad

Frida Kahlo Green Umbrella Cushion Cover & Pad

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Frida Kahlo Embroidered Pink Parrot Cushion Cover

This bright and cheerful cushion cover is an ode to the surrealist artist Frida Kahlo with a customised pastiche of one of her iconic self-portraits. The original painting portrays more onerous intent, whereas this presents the artist’s softer side and her delight in nature. The textile and crewelwork embroidery renders her in a more beauteous, colourful and honeyed mode. This colourful cushion cover portrays an amazing woman and artist with adoration and respect as well as creating a beautiful and vibrant accessory for any room.

Measurements: 45cm x 45cm

- Pad Included!

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