The Braided Rug Company

In 2001 we started a small mail order business selling American Braided Rugs.

This is a product that hitherto had been well below the radar in the UK.

Made on the east coast of America, predominantly in North Carolina, these rugs are based on the plaited rag rugs made by the early settlers for their cabins. The company, Capel Inc., who are our suppliers, have been making braided rugs for 100 years this year! A family run business, they represent the best of American quality and tradition, and we have always been happy to sell their rugs. We have had them in our home for the last 15 years, and they are still going strong!

Over the following years, we realised that there is quite a demand for this type of rug in the UK and Europe.

So, in 2010, we decided to create our own range of rugs designed with the British market in mind. We also thought it would be good to use a natural yarn for our rugs, and in 2011 started working with a small manufacturing company in Bangladesh, using organic jute fibres to make our rugs.

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