I Am Jai

Esther Tromp, managing director of I AM JAI jewellery. 

"I started travelling back and forth to India and I fell in love with the people there. Their mind sets, their culture, their joyous and spiritual way of living. Then I met Tinu, my good friend and manager of daily work in Jaipur, the jewellery capital of India. We both share this mutual dream of building a business through supporting local crafts people. By providing them with work we hope to make a small – but worthwhile – difference. We take good care of our people and try to produce our jewellery with as much respect for our nature as we possibly can. For us, this is not some marketing tool, it is just our normal way of thinking.

Working with our Jaipur team is sometimes quite an experience. The cultural differences can be a real challenge, but with a lot of persistence and a mutual respect that is always there, we overcome our different views. Together with our team we try to create the finest silver jewellery, gold-plated and handmade with semi-precious stones. By creating in Amsterdam, and crafting in Jaipur, we hope to combine the best of both worlds. Since last year we started our own factory where we are able to train our own people. We will keep you updated on that in our blog.

In 2010 we decided to go global. Launching a new name and website was our first step towards that goal. As you have probably read, JAI stands for victory and that’s how it feels already by giving birth to our new brand. Follow us to see for yourself how we have started building our dream."

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